Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors with Diabetes

Diabetes meal planning can help seniors living with the disease prevent it from getting worse while protecting their overall health.

The American Diabetes Association reports that 25.9% of Americans over the age of 65 have diabetes. Caregiving for a senior with this disease requires proactive meal planning.

Commonly known for its effects on glucose (blood sugar) levels, diabetes is a disease many seniors live with. Type II diabetes is more common among seniors. The disease is directly influenced by nutrition. As a result, caregivers and their seniors must plan meals that help keep diabetes under control.

Fortunately, living with Type II diabetes doesn’t mean seniors can’t eat their favorite foods anymore. Diabetes can often be managed simply by making healthy choices. Portion control and consuming healthy foods such as a largely plant based diet are the key. Here are some tips to follow as you plan your meals. 

Choose sugar-free foods when possible.

Select low-sodium alternatives. Reduce intake of salty foods.

Consume fresh, whole foods and whole grains by shopping primarily around the perimeter of the grocery store. The interior aisles have packaged food. These food types tend to be high in sugar, sodium and preservatives.

Eat more low-fat dairy products.

Eliminate fried foods. These foods are silent killers as they contain high levels of salt and unhealthy fats which are not heart (and waistline) healthy.


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