Why We Do It

A Message from Our CEO

A few years ago, my life was going along just fine. I had a wife and two great kids. I also had the blessing of two parents who’d raised and supported me through life and school so that I could become a functioning member of society. Then, one day,  it happened. An immediate family member needed home care. Though I wanted to do everything, I couldn’t do it all. I needed help.

But, who do I choose to assist with such an important decision?

I needed consistent, well screened care that allowed me the peace of mind to know that my loved one could continue to live their best life under new circumstances. The lessons learned from the challenges of those anxious, nerve wracking days became the impetus for the establishment of ASC.

Our Mission

To bring the best quality care to home care families, both patients and loved ones. We enable clients to live their best lives at home, provide peace of mind for families and support healthcare providers in their quest to improve the total well-being of their patients.  

We understand that home care needs vary. Some simply need help with the activities of daily living. Others are recovering from post-acute illness or injuries at home. In order to provide peace of mind to the family and consistent, quality care for the loved one, we hire and train our employee caregivers with that goal in mind. As we accomplish that primary mission, we reduce the likelihood of recidivism.

Our core philosophy stems from the belief that we best serve others by taking care of ourselves first. The need for home care may bring changes and stress to patients and loved ones. These changes often require adjustments; mentally and physically, emotionally and financially. To that end, ASC promotes values that foster the constant and conscious pursuit of living life to the fullest potential. This is true for the patients we serve and the loved ones that care about them.

In line with living our best lives, ASC provides encourages healthy food and meal choices, smart exercise routines and positive attitudinal habits for both patients and their families. These informed choices are critical to our mission.  We want patients, family and caregivers alike aligned in the pursuit of living lives that may exceed expectations for the “new normal.”


Please join us as we embrace the day.


All the best to you and yours,

Brian Lacey, CEO

A Superior Choice Home Care and Concierge Services, LLC

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